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All ten pages have pictures of custom artwork. 

Thanks for your interest, at this time and for the
near future I will not be taking on any more work
through the website.. The local work I am doing is
taking up all my time. I am leaving the site up for
my existing customers to look at.

            Top billing on my site goes to someone else. 

R.I.P. Frank Frazetta

                1928 - 2010

The single biggest inspiration to me and an entire generation
of artists. Nothing on these pages would be here if I had never
seen his artwork as a child.

 To see his original paintings "including all 

the Death Dealer
paintings" in person, as an adult was one of 
the greatest
experiences of my life. Thank you to the Frazetta
 family for
the time that the museum was open, it allowed us fans to
see these paintings without the loss that is taken from
them in reproduction for print. In their full glory.

Now on to my own artwork below




 Special thanks to Ray, for letting me do my
thing on the Frankenstein bike. Allowing me
to get carried away with the artwork and
layout, freedom I've not had in a long while.

Your the best, man! The pictures are lame,
my camera does not do your bike justice
and I apologize. People need to see it in
person to appreciate the detail involved.

Your patience is as much responsible for
he finished result as my artwork.

Thanks again!

  Also, once again, special thanks to Pro Class
Auto Body for throwing down the killer clear
hat makes it all happen. You guys make my
job easier and I really appreciate it, Awesome

Job again!

Please read below before emailing any questions.


 Right now, I am at a time in my life where I do not need to take on every
job that comes along and will only be taking on things that get me fired up
to paint. For jobs that don't, I apologize, some things are more important
than money.

I will try to answer some of the most common questions.

The customer has to have a good idea of what they want on the bike and
good sized, clear reference material to work from. If I cannot see the
picture clearly, I cannot paint it to my satisfaction.


The parts need to be off the bike, I do not disassemble or store the bike
while the artwork is being done.

Most of my motorcycle artwork runs in the $1,000 to $2,000 range, this
only involves
my artwork, not clearing or buffing the finished artwork when 
I am done.

As far as pricing, it depends on many things. Some of the most important
things are:


 Is there any bodywork or scratch repair needed?


 Are you keeping the bike the same color? Color changes add at least
double to the amount of work and price.


 Are there any emblems or stickers that need to be removed? Emblems
that go back on are not a problem, ones that do not, are a problem.


 Stickers that are under factory clear coat can be a big problem. To
remove them can be very time consuming and can mean an entire
re-paint of the base color. This can add much to the final price. Usually,
you don't know how much time is involved it is until it's finished. I try to
make it as quick and easy as possible, but some things are out of my


 Most of the things listed above mean it has to go to the Body Shop
before I get the parts for artwork. If there is only surface prep needed
before artwork, then I will prep it and it keeps costs way down.
I can fix small nicks or scratches that will be hidden under
the artwork,
this can also keep prices down.


 I deal with one Body Shop that I trust to do bodywork, finish clear and
buffing, (occasionally I do the buffing myself, depending on the job).
If you are looking for someone to do the art and have your paint guy do
the clear, I can appreciate that, but I am not your guy for the art!  Me and
my body shop work well together, I am not going to mix it up, it's not
worth the risk of having any problems.


 I have worked long and hard, to feel that I can  do whatever comes along,
and do it to my satisfaction. If you think that we can work together, please
contact me to get it done. I doubt I will be the cheapest price you get
(most likely it won't be the priciest either) but the quality for price spent
will be top notch,
I can tell you that. I won't take the job if I don't think so.


 If you want me to do a custom paint job, on the entire bike, you are
looking at least $2,000  for me to do the art and have it cleared and


 Please take a good look, at the pictures on this site and compare
to others. Also, take note of how many other sites ask you to take
a good, hard look at all the sites out there. I want you to see
everything out there before making a choice. If you look at everything
else and still want my style, we should be able to work together for
some killer artwork!


Thanks for your interest!



Thanks for looking!




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